On the planet Earth, there are a gigajillion original bands; myriad genres, sub-genres, mini- and micro-genres. Genres there aren't even names for yet. In this separate yet collective space in our universe, these are the renegade volume warriors, ever charging forward, bearing gifts of varying tone, inflection, pitch, power, scale, intent, attitude, and message to those of us who relentlessly seek it. Ones inner musical soul regularly encroaches on the synapses for a dose of the delicious - an infusion of grand musical/lyrical potion... Too often during an excursion in search of this elusive holy nutrition, one comes away unsatisfied - unable to slake the desire for bustling repleteness, the raw energy and power that is perfect coagulation of mind, sound, body, soul, self. If we do not take care of ourselves in this way, parts of our musical/lyrical inner presence die and we are left dehydrated, famished.

Ah, but when one does find it~ how rare yet sweet!

The heart happily gyrates to pulsing temporal modes and the mind euphoric, devours intoxicating, undulating symmetrical, syncopated patterns, a sultry concoction of melodic, rhythmic delight... The ecstatic, electrifying, majestic ministry of it all writhes, swirls, and snakes through our veins and brains as if an imposing thunderstorm raining  florid nectar over us .

That which cannot be ruled nor contained. Compulsion out of control.

Wild, free, beautiful, dangerous. Innate, instinctual, primal.

Hurting, healing, redeeming, renewing, besotting.


The nectar is music. Music speaks truths to us, unafraid. Music shows ourselves to us in an unmitigated crystal clear mirror. Music makes sense of the vexing complexity that is life.

Without it we are pointless.

~ DJ Alex Kayne ©2016